Crows Feet & Reading Glasses

by A.D. Weighs

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CHORUS Well I left a little something on the nightstand babe (X4) No disrespect to Mr. Gump but life is not a box of chocolates my life's more like a box of dirty socks and rotten crotches my neighbor shot himself because his son came out the closet and i work around the clock only to make my boss a profit so the teller at the bank is laughin at my small deposits collectors clawin at my balls and cock like i got jock itch and i thought i had my walllet in my cotton jacket pocket til i checked it and discovered it was not i must've dropped it and Tony's facing 8 his case is next up on the docket but i couldn't pay for parking so i'm late and then to top it off i step into mi casa stressin out i need to smoke but first i need to find my wallet cause indeed a nigga broke so i checked my pants and jackets and places where i had it what the fuck? I found an empty condom wrapper by the mattress hear the motha fuckin static comes. wait til she arrives she can keep that that blahzay blahzay baby aint no need to lie i ought to smack a bitch directly in the face and see her cry split her cabbage leaving maggots like some shit from CSI i aint no hoe what u expect for me to bake the bitch a pie i ought to slap her have her in a pair of shades inside at night ought to have her in a scarf around her neck in late July ought to set this place on fire ought to make her fetch a light meanwhile Rob is on the phone and homey gave me this advice said don't ever let emotion make u take this bitch's life man don't swing at bitches eyes. all that violent shit forget it man u know what 90 days in jail would do to a niggas credit. its pathetic how i'm pacin round & mumblin shit and thinking things like how she usually get here by two-thirty man its three-fifteen and as recently as yester-week she sent her ex a text what he eff is that, she extra freaky seeking extra sex? but i guess i could've expected all this shit in retrospect cause she play both sides of the fence instead of strickly hetro sex now just to recap i went home to get cash and found out my main squeeze had the coochie up for grabs and at first i thought i ought to place a foot into her ass but to hell with all of that i packed a bag and made a dash CHORUS believe me baby i aint trying to be no felon. do i love my freedom? hell yeah so the worst i could do to you is to remove my s-e-l-f imma miss those pretty lips and playing with those sexy melons jessie said i ought to take some naked pics of you and sell em even Ellen and your Jealous friends agree i treat u fine and you gettin the meanest dick this side of the Mason-Dixon line in the time it'll take you just to find you a guy with a game as slick as mine who handles thangs as quick as I and fan yo flames to keep you high you will have aged in a face and gained in the waste yo days are slipping by fucking crows feet and reading glasses adjacent to your eyes juggling 70 medications every day at different times having to watch yo happy neighbors move away live their lives seein people half your age get engaged & kiss their brides you in the chapel after the ceremony cleanin sweeping rice reading the book of revelations waitin impatiently to fly wearin soiled undergarments pardon me that TMI always yappin about how cute you used to be at twenty-five one of them lonely horny ladies flirtin with the cable guy and you're nameless wanderin aimlessly in shame until u die father McKenzie wipin the dirt from his hands at the grave and says good-bye CHORUS fuck you bitch I'm through Bitch I'm in the wind tell you what you need to do check the bedside table baby on the Kangaroo bedside table baby on the kangaroo CHORUS


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released June 4, 2013


all rights reserved



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