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A String Music Store! We are getting ready for more awareness campaigns to give our roster of artists, and you the customer the best that Bandcamp has to offer of the independent artist and their music. We will continue to help build strong entrepreneurs in music. Thank you the public for allowing us the opportunity to present new music with combinations, bundles, electronics and more from our A String Music Family of products.

Take a listen to the Top Three Artists of the store. 1. "Lyric Wilson's 4U", 2."Arnell Carmichael's Be Cool" 3.Chris Buchannan's Self-Made Millionaire", 4. 'Dee Brown Natural Love", and 5. Dave Henderson's White Sands Of Fort Meyers" enjoy all of them.

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A String Music Store!
Detroit, Michigan
Bringing brand new music new artist to the forefront of downloads. the development of new music to find careers by marketing and promoting aimed at finding an audience for artist in the A.S.M.S.. A tried and true method from the old school days with great intention.

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